Foundation Make Up

Foundation Makeup

Foundation make up refers to a neutral tone based whose work is to even out the skin flaws and come up with canvas used in applying makeup. Foundation comes in a number of formulations, such as liquid, powder and cream, and can be tailor made for various types of skins. Getting a foundation makeup that will best your needs is determined by the skin color, level of coverage needed and the texture.

The main aim of foundation makeup is to make your facial skin appear even and flawless. Certain formulations use special elements or fillers to eliminate lines and scars. Generally, the foundation will be similar to a natural skin color, such that the face will not appear to have a different color to the hairline or neck. Based on the area of coverage, base can assist minimize the formation of under eye circles, moles, acne and freckles.

The most popular forms of base makeup are liquid, powder and cream. Liquid foundations are available bottles and tubes and are usually applied using a sponge. The lightest form of foundation in liquid form is known as tinted moisturizer, which offers great sheer cover for people who do not prefer too much makeup or do not desire too much coverage. Cream formulas usually offer heavy coverage, available in a close pack and is applied using a sponge. Mineral or powder mineral foundations are available in loose powder and should be applied using a large diffusing brush. Because powder foundations are possible custom blend on your skin, they can be ideal for individuals who require heavy coverage in certain spots, and light coverage in others. 

Among the crucial factors in finding the right foundation is skin tone. Traditional wisdom says that all individuals posses either pink or yellow toned skin, but actually some may have parts with both colors. Trying out foundation tone can easily be carried out by putting on a strip of the foundation across the cheek and checking to see whether it will match or it will stand out from the skin surrounding it. Certain people advise applying foundation on the hand’s back, but this may not work since the color on your face may not be the same as that of your hands.

People with dry, oily, and acne prone skin need kinds of foundation makeup. Individuals that have oily skin may prefer an oil free base that assists in absorbing excess moisture during the day. People with dry skin need to get a foundation that will cause dryness, and will boost the formation of flaky skin. Going through the ingredients is crucial for those with continuous acne issues, as certain formulas may have oils in them and other elements that can further cause irritation to the skin.